Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hallo! My name is Yaya. Actually, they tried to call me Zorro, but I like Yaya better. If you don't believe me, when you come visit, try calling me and see which one I respond to ;P. I am really friendly and I will come bouncing :). My colouring gives me a muddy look, but I keep really clean and my fur feels nice too, if I might say so myself. I have been at the Ark a long time and I am really happy here. Please help me contribute to the Ark by sponsoring me or any of my friends here. Thank you so much.


Hallo, I am Tilby and the residents here will tell you I am an active, energetic and happy dog. I love running around and getting myself wet. I think it must be my lab and siberian husky blood mix! A kind-hearted soul has kindly sponsored me. I hope she comes visit and I will try very hard to be good and not wet anyone. If I forget, don't hold it againist me, k? Thank you so much for your generous sponsorship. Please tell others about us :).