Monday, March 12, 2012

Rabbit (no name 3)

Hi there from the bunnies. We live in house all by ourselves and we always like visitors. You can always come look for us and look for the one special one with the special markings that you can identify and remember. There are about 20 of us but if you sponsor us, we will all benefit and it will really help kepe the Sanctuary going. Do consider us, k? :)

Cat (no name 12)

Hi, I look fierce but I am actually really fun. See the teddy bear I am playing with :). I live in teh wisma and always come sit by your slippers if you come visit me. Please help to feed my friends and I by sponsoring my stay at the Sanctuary. I thank you first on behalf of all my friends here. Blessings!


Hallo, hallo, my name is BBF and it stands for Big Brown Friendly dog!! Do I look familiar? I had the honour of being featured on the 2011 calendar :). I'm here to smile and ask if you would like to help sponsor my keep at the Sanctuary. Or you could pick one of my other handsome and pretty friends. I thank you first for youe kindness. Do come by and say hi when come visit, ya :D.