Friday, July 11, 2014


I am Mozart, the Saint Bernard at the Sanctuary. This picture doesn't do me justice. If you come by, we can always see who is taller! I am big but I am really a gentle giant :). Guess what?! A kind soul has sponsored me. Thank you so much. Do say 'Hi' if you come by for a visit and tell your friends about it so that they can help my other friends contribute to the Sanctuary too. Bless you!

Postscript: Mozart has passed on. Thank you for your generosity and interest. Please do look around as there are many other animals that will benefit from your sponsorship.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Yankee one week after her surgery.

It was a sorry sight of anguish and distress when SPCA Melaka found Yankee, a puppy who was abandoned overnight outside the shelter gate.

Yankee's leg was in a mangled wreck. Her hind leg was contorted, twisted sideways and pinned beneath her. Her leg was barely attached to her body with the long thin outer bone at the rear leg protruding through the skin, revealing the broken edges of bone. She was obviously in a lot of pain. The wound was open and attracted a lot of flies, which could lead to a maggot infection if left untreated. Her movement was restricted and she was panting heavily from dehydration and intense pain. Her injuries most likely to have been caused by an auto-mobile accident. Due to her horrific injuries and the shelter’s limited resources, there was a high chance that Yankee might have to be euthanised (P.T.S).

However the staff at SPCA Melaka saw the fighting spirit and the will to live in Yankee’s eyes. Her injuries were tended to and the dead tissue around her hind leg removed. Antibiotics and painkillers were injected regularly to relieve the pain. Through tender loving care and patience Yankee’s wounds were healing and she was getting stronger.

The road to recovery is still long for Yankee as her hind leg was still damaged and her body weight is unable to support her leg. When she stood up, her injured leg would buckle and she will howl in pain. Most of her time was spent in a crate where she could keep her upper body upright so as to alleviate the pain in her lower body.

The staff at SPCA Melaka made a referral to Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) as they felt  she would lead a better life there.  On 14 September 2013, she made her journey from Melaka to Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary. Raymund named her “Yankee”.  An X-ray determined she had multiple fractures of the femur and tibia and a dislocated femur head. The advice was to amputate to stop the pain. Yankee’s leg was successfully amputated by Dr Alice Liow, a volunteer vet from Singapore.

Two days after the operation, Yankee was stricken with Canine Parvo Virus* which could affect her already weakened immune system and small body. It was a near death experience for Yankee but she was a fiesty fighter and was determined to live. Yankee survived and recovered from the personalised attention from Raymund. After recuperation, Yankee was strong enough to learn to use her three legs to walk. She adapted well to her condition and was soon running around happily. 

Yankee all grown up after 6 months at Noah's Ark.
Yankee is currently residing at Noah's Ark and being both the feisty and playful puppy, you will not notice that she is different from the other dogs. Her story is one of great determination and perseverance against all odds to have a second chance at life.

Written By: Siah Li Mei

* Footnote
What is Canine Parvovirus?
The Canine Parvovirus (CPV) infection is a highly contagious viral illness that affects dogs. The virus  manifests itself in two different forms. The more common form is the intestinal form, which is characterized by vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and lack of appetite. The less common is the cardiac form, which attacks the heart muscles of very young puppies, often leading to death. The majority of cases are seen in puppies that are between six weeks and six months old. The incidence of Canine Parvo Virus infections has been reduced radically by early vaccination in young puppies. (Source: PetMD)


Hii, my name is Lordy. I look sad here, but I am alright now. They took this picture when I was rescued. I was abandoned as a puppy even though I am a german shepherd. lived on the streets and was badly abused. One day I was running away when I was hit by a car. I don't think you can see it but my front left leg is fractured and my hip is dislocated. That's why I had to be moved and carried in a hard box you see me sitting on.

I'm happy and well now, and fighting to recover. I am really grateful to the volunteers from Noah's Ark who rescued me and brought me to the Ark, where I am now safe from abusers and cars and I am fed and loved. And they have even found me a sponsor, Wow! I never knew there were so many kind souls in this world till I came to the Sanctuary. Do drop by to say hi when you come by for a visit. Thank you so much for everything. Love, Lordy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Hallo! My name is Spa. Yeah, it's a cool name huh? It represents my good life here at the Ark :D. I am an active dog who likes running around and it was what got me into trouble on the streets, as you can see from my 3 legs :P. I am safe and heppy at the Ark though. Do you know that animals do not have ideas or concepts of disability? That's why we are happy, as long as we are loved and fed and safe :). Contentment... I'm sponsored!! Yippee! If you come to the Ark, come say 'Hi!'. I am always running around and would usually follow you around. What you give to me would help keep my furry friends here happy too :). A warm thanks in advance ya! Blessings.