Friday, October 11, 2013


Hallo! My name is Bond. You can't see my hind legs, but my left hind leg has been amputated. I was in a car accident because I had to pee and poo outside the house, and one day I was hit. My owner didn't want to spend money and end up with a three-legged dog, so he told the vet to put me down instead.

Luckily for me, the vet called Noah's Ark instead, because he could see I was a healthy, happy and sweet little dog. So this is how I ended up here. I have been told I have been sponsored by a really kind and generous person. Please come visit and remember to say Hi and call me by my name. I want to thank you personally. I am very friendly and bear no grudge against human beings :).

Wan Wan

Hallo, I am Wan Wan and I used to be your usual stray. I was really lucky and was rescued by some volunteers who rehomed me at a horse riding school. One day, however, I was struck by a mysterious illness and was found motionless with my eyes cloudy. Tests did not confirm anything, but I stayed that way for two weeks and no one knew if I would make it. Somehow under the care and love at the Sanctuary, I managed to recover and decided I want to stay with my newfound doggy friends instead of going back to the horses. And now I am told I am lucky enough to find a sponsor too, this generous souls who sponsored us for his wedding. So much blessings, don't you think? Thank you so much.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


HI HI!! I am Cookie! Do you like my smile? I have been told I have an awesome smile. I love people - despite all that I have gone through.

I was rescued by kind souls who saw someone throw me into a big drain in Singapore. As a result, my hind legs are permanently folded. What you see here is how they are permanently, so I kinda drag myself on my front legs and hop on my hind legs; and that is how I run freely through the whole Sanctuary.

And little old me is sponsored too! That's how we are. We don't speak the same language, but if we are loved, we can fly, and I can run. Like how you are, if you are loved. Thank you for the love that have allowed me to live loved and run free.


Hi, my name is Sanuk and I am a rather rare chocolate Siberian Husky. Yup, one of the first few of my kind here at the Sanctuary, as they tell me. As in there have been many Huskies and even an Alaskan Malamute here, but not a chocolate one. I have been sponsored by a very kind and generous soul who has been sponsoring the Huskies at the Sanctuary out of love and in memory of her own who died.

I am happy at the Sanctuary and am a rather hyperactive dog, so it is difficult to get a good picture of me, and the photographers are always complaining. So do drop by to say hi when you visit. Do take a look at my fun friends here as well and see if anyone catches your eye. Everything you give will help my friends too.


Hi dearest people, my name is Cosmo. I am a very rare mixed breed between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Rottweiler. Despite the mix, I am very shy though I have to say this is a really nice picture of me. I was given up by my previous owner when he found out that I was not a purebred Rottweiler. If he loved me, I would have spent time with him and guard him and his family well.

I have been sponsored by a really kindhearted soul who dedicated his wedding to 9 other friends of mine here as well. I hope he comes and say Hi when he drops by. I want to thank him personally. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If more people are as loving and generous and accepting, the world will be a better place.

Now I have lots of new friends here at the Sanctuary. Do see if anyone catches your eye. We share everything we receive.

Big Ben

Hi lovely people, my name is Big Ben and and I am a very classic basset hound, yes, better known as hush puppy. I have the typical long body, floor sweeping ears and long tail with tricolour. Beautiful as I have been told many times *blush*. I have been sponsored by a kind soul who fell in love with me. 

It hasn't been easy. I was dumped by my owners, with whom I have lived with for 8 years! One day, I had blood in my pee. My owners brought me to the vet and we were told I had bladder stones and will need an operation. After we left the vet, they conveniently left me in the carpark and drove off without me. I guess they didn't want to spend money on the operation for an old dog. 

Luckily for me, the volunteers from Noah's Ark picked me up, otherwise I might have died from the bladderstone infection and blood in my pee. So now, I feel like I am in retirement village for an old dog, where I am loved and sheltered and fed. Thank you, for helping to keep me here and for helping too, other old dogs here. Blessings.