Tuesday, December 10, 2013


My name is Mooji :) – you can very well see the "moo" in my name comes from my colouring. I was rescued from the streets. My mummy had a litter of three girls, and the stray feeder generously had all of us sterilized when we were of age. Unfortunately, I contracted tick fever, which was realized when I was sent to the vet for surgery. The kind feeder, not willing to see me slowly die, boarded and treated me. Eventually, as I recuperated in boarding, they decided to send me up to The Sanctuary, where I would be loved, sheltered and safe from the perils of the streets.

So you see, what seemed like a bad thing became a blessing after all. I am always grateful and sometimes say a prayer for my sisters and mum. And now, after being at the Ark for 4 years, a kind soul is willing to sponsor me, and allow me to share my food with the rest of my friends here :D! Do drop by and say Hi when you come visit so I can say thank you personally.