Thursday, July 22, 2010


Pirate (Mongrel)
Hi, I am Pirate. There is so much love in the story of how I came to the Sanctuary it simply has to be told. I was just another mongrel eking out a living by the streets when I got into a road accident. An old lady on the same street who collects cardboards and sells kueh kueh to survive saw what happened and came to pick me up. She brought me to the vet, but she could not afford the fees and the vet would not amputate without the money. So she brought me home. She tried her best. She went out and bought me chinese ointment, panadol and painkillers...but the wound was too big and the injury too serious.

Finally someone told Raymund about her and he went to see her, 10 days after my accident. By then, I was no longer in any pain, but I was still bleeding and my bones were jutting out of my wounds. A few more days and the maggots would have had a new feeding ground. Raymund helped me get my leg amputated and saved my life.

The old lady wanted to keep me but she stayed by the roadside where the traffic was heavy and it was obvious I am not a very traffic-smart dog. So I stay at The Sanctuary now. Raymund tells me every time he bumps into the old lady, she shoves what money she can afford into his pockets; and he will take the money and buy food back for her. It brings tears to my eyes. This is what The Sanctuary does, for animals, for humans. Help us. Sponsor one of us. Make a difference to one life today?

Hurray! I have been sponsored but you can still contribute. Please pick another one of my friends from the Sanctuary. They have been waiting for you. Thank you so much.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs
Hallo, yup I am a guinea pig and yup, we have about 20 of us at the Sanctuary. A petshop was throwing us out because they couldn't sell us and after all that time in the pet shop, we had scabies and were covered in ringworms. Yup, hairless mangy guinea pigs, can you imagine? We were a sight, I tell you. So, Raymund took us in. His heart can't help it. We would all have been thrown out into the trash and become food for the rats.

We are as cute as they come. We whistle and we run around, and unlike hamsters or gerbils, we like to live with our own. We actually get depressed when we are isolated. Come down and come see us. We are not shy and we actually sniff at your fingers without biting them :). Right now, it is getting a little crowded. it would be great if you could help sponsor a new guinea pig-friendly enclosure for us, snake-proof of course, or if you sponsor one of us, we promise to share the food around. Scout's honour.


Apache (Horse)
Hallo everyone, I am Apache, an ex-race horse. I used to live in a polo club and was used for racing and polo games. I used to win awards and money for my owner. But as I grow older, I developed joint problems. I became lame and could not even be used for casual riding. When this happens, there are only two places we can end up in, either the zoo where we are cut and fed to the tigers or the glue factory when we are boiled and processed into animal glue.

But once in a blue moon, a few of us gets a reprieve. Someone called Raymund and told him about me. He approached my owner and he agreed to let me retire in the Sanctuary but he will not pay for my basic feeding, which comes up to S$600 a month. It wasn't an easy decision for Raymund to make though. As horses, we are expensive to feed and we live longer than the dogs. But we make do. Will you help us? Sponsor me at S$100 a month and help take some of the pressure off the Sanctuary? I thank you.


Velvet (Mongrel)
HI! I am Velvet. I know, many people say such a beautiful name doesn't belong to a dog with a face like mine. But you should come feel my fur, it feels like velvet. I know I am ugly but boy, am I enthusiastic and friendly. Actually my fur turned out this way cos I recovered from poisoning at some point in my life.

I have been in the Sanctuary nearly three years now. I was one of the dogs they rescued from the floods in Dec 2006. I remember I was this miserable looking dog, starving and I looked like I was near death. I was also afraid of these volunteers from Noah's Ark with cages and leashes so I tried to run from them. But they managed to catch me and brought me back to this animal haven.

I am happy and well-fed and loved these days and I have no regrets. This place is awesome but I am told it takes a lot to feed the animals and take care of their health and welfare. All the animals here have either been abandoned and abused so we need that extra care to ensure we do well. Will you help by sponsoring me? It would make a difference. Thank you :p

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Durian (Mongrel)
Hi there, I am Durian. You must be wondering why I am called that when I do not have any thorns. Actually that became my name because I loved the fruit! Did you notice that the open area in front of the stables are scattered with durian trees? I wait for them to fall in the wee hours of the morning and crack open and I eat the fruit. Mmmm, it's delicious. That's why I choose to live at the stables too. The Sanctuary is really generous. They had an extra stable and that became my bungalow.

I was just an old brown dog wandering the streets but at the Sanctuary, I am the only dog who lives with the horses :). And I look fatter in animal than I do in this photo cos of all the free durians! I have been here three years now and would really love to find someone who is willing to sponsor my stay here, to help contribute to the funds for the upkeep of the Sanctuary.


Ashley (Grey tabby)

Hallo! My name is Ashley. You can see from my colour why I was given that name.
My story is shocking but not unusual. I came to the Sanctuary in a plastic bag, with my umbilical cord still intact! Yup. My mother, a stray cat, out of desperation for shelter when she had to give birth to me and my siblings, chose someone's shop. That person who walked in on us was disgusted. They chased my mother away and put the three of us into a plastic bag in the trash bin. Fortunately, someone rescued us and called Raymund. Raymund and the workers tried their best, but my sister did not make it.
My brother Oscar and I made it. When I was growing up, my health was weak, probably because of the state I was found in and I used to sneeze alot. But now, I am much better. I stay in the upper storey with Raymund and I love cuddling up. Do come visit me. I am looking for a sponsor :). I am one of the lucky ones who survived the horrors of strays on the streets. The Sanctuary needs monetary help to run sterilisation programmes and keep these sad things from happening. Will you help by sponsoring me?
Postscript: Ashley, sadly, has left us. Her entry has been left here as it still tells a story. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Please do look around as there are many other animals that will benefit from your sponsorship.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Shelco (Mongrel)
Hallo everyone, I am Shelco, a mongrel. Do you know how I got my name? I was found at the Shell petrol station in Gelang Patah, you know, the one on your left just before the school as you drive back to Tuas from the Sanctuary. Anyway, that was my old home. I hung out there because there was food and there were people around.

I have been at the Sanctuary 6 years now. Yup, it's been a long time. I am happy here, though because I was born on the streets, I get the wanderlust once on a while and I try to get out and run around. But sometimes I get naughty and run out of the Sanctuary so if you come visit, you might have to look for me at the Quarantine area :P.

I luuuurve visitors. You will see how much when you come visit. I will literally transform myself into a lapdog! I know I am not young and cute anymore, but I am loving and I have been waiting for someone who is willing to sponsor my stay at the Ark. It's a long wait, but I have been patient.... Will you be the one?


Cow (Dalmatian)

I am a Dalmatian. I have been living in the Sanctuary for the last 4 years. I am deaf. I have other Dalmatian friends who live in the Sanctuary with me and they are deaf too. Did you know that deafness was accidentally bred into our breed when we first started out, and now no one knows which Dalmatian puppy will turn out deaf. You won't know even when you buy me cos the puppies at the petshops are too young. I was abandoned when my owner found out I was deaf. I don't know if I blame them. You need a lot of patience with deaf dogs. Cos we can't hear you when you call and we can't be sent to an obedience class. It's not that we want to not listen to you. We can't.

I am a little shy but once I get used to you, I will follow you around the Sanctuary when you come visit. I may not be able to hear you, but I can see you and feel you. I am named Cow because I am spotted and I have a pink nose, and that's what distinguishes me from the other Dalmatians you will meet in the Sanctuary. I am happy at the Sanctuary. Raymund and the people here have been good to me though I can't hear. I am not left out, and the other dogs don't bully me either. Unfortunately in my old age, I have an occasional allergy at the legs that will flare up. Will you be willing to sponsor my food and medicines?

Cow, sadly, has left us in his old age. His entry has been left here as it still tells a story. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Please do look around as there are many other animals that will benefit from your sponsorship.