Thursday, October 28, 2010


Jester (Mongrel)
Hi, I'm Jester and I came to the Sanctuary when I was just a tiny puppy, really small, about the size of a rabbit actually. I was your typical hit-and-run story. I landed in a drain after I got hit. Unlike some other unlucky ones who were left to die, a kind soul brought me to Raymund.

What I am most proud about today is my job here at the Sanctuary. I am the official roadshow dog for the Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary :D. Yup, I go out with Raymund when he runs roadshows for education, adoption and sponsorship.

So, every little helps. I thank you in advance for your kindness. It keeps me and my friends fed and sheltered, keeps the car full so that we can go out and spread the word about strays and sterilisation.

Guess what? I have been sponsored by a kind soul. Please continue to take a look. I have many friends who needs sponsorship too.

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