Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Durian (Mongrel)
Hi there, I am Durian. You must be wondering why I am called that when I do not have any thorns. Actually that became my name because I loved the fruit! Did you notice that the open area in front of the stables are scattered with durian trees? I wait for them to fall in the wee hours of the morning and crack open and I eat the fruit. Mmmm, it's delicious. That's why I choose to live at the stables too. The Sanctuary is really generous. They had an extra stable and that became my bungalow.

I was just an old brown dog wandering the streets but at the Sanctuary, I am the only dog who lives with the horses :). And I look fatter in animal than I do in this photo cos of all the free durians! I have been here three years now and would really love to find someone who is willing to sponsor my stay here, to help contribute to the funds for the upkeep of the Sanctuary.

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