Monday, July 19, 2010


Shelco (Mongrel)
Hallo everyone, I am Shelco, a mongrel. Do you know how I got my name? I was found at the Shell petrol station in Gelang Patah, you know, the one on your left just before the school as you drive back to Tuas from the Sanctuary. Anyway, that was my old home. I hung out there because there was food and there were people around.

I have been at the Sanctuary 6 years now. Yup, it's been a long time. I am happy here, though because I was born on the streets, I get the wanderlust once on a while and I try to get out and run around. But sometimes I get naughty and run out of the Sanctuary so if you come visit, you might have to look for me at the Quarantine area :P.

I luuuurve visitors. You will see how much when you come visit. I will literally transform myself into a lapdog! I know I am not young and cute anymore, but I am loving and I have been waiting for someone who is willing to sponsor my stay at the Ark. It's a long wait, but I have been patient.... Will you be the one?

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