Thursday, July 22, 2010


Apache (Horse)
Hallo everyone, I am Apache, an ex-race horse. I used to live in a polo club and was used for racing and polo games. I used to win awards and money for my owner. But as I grow older, I developed joint problems. I became lame and could not even be used for casual riding. When this happens, there are only two places we can end up in, either the zoo where we are cut and fed to the tigers or the glue factory when we are boiled and processed into animal glue.

But once in a blue moon, a few of us gets a reprieve. Someone called Raymund and told him about me. He approached my owner and he agreed to let me retire in the Sanctuary but he will not pay for my basic feeding, which comes up to S$600 a month. It wasn't an easy decision for Raymund to make though. As horses, we are expensive to feed and we live longer than the dogs. But we make do. Will you help us? Sponsor me at S$100 a month and help take some of the pressure off the Sanctuary? I thank you.

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