Monday, July 19, 2010


Cow (Dalmatian)

I am a Dalmatian. I have been living in the Sanctuary for the last 4 years. I am deaf. I have other Dalmatian friends who live in the Sanctuary with me and they are deaf too. Did you know that deafness was accidentally bred into our breed when we first started out, and now no one knows which Dalmatian puppy will turn out deaf. You won't know even when you buy me cos the puppies at the petshops are too young. I was abandoned when my owner found out I was deaf. I don't know if I blame them. You need a lot of patience with deaf dogs. Cos we can't hear you when you call and we can't be sent to an obedience class. It's not that we want to not listen to you. We can't.

I am a little shy but once I get used to you, I will follow you around the Sanctuary when you come visit. I may not be able to hear you, but I can see you and feel you. I am named Cow because I am spotted and I have a pink nose, and that's what distinguishes me from the other Dalmatians you will meet in the Sanctuary. I am happy at the Sanctuary. Raymund and the people here have been good to me though I can't hear. I am not left out, and the other dogs don't bully me either. Unfortunately in my old age, I have an occasional allergy at the legs that will flare up. Will you be willing to sponsor my food and medicines?

Cow, sadly, has left us in his old age. His entry has been left here as it still tells a story. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Please do look around as there are many other animals that will benefit from your sponsorship.

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