Thursday, July 22, 2010


Velvet (Mongrel)
HI! I am Velvet. I know, many people say such a beautiful name doesn't belong to a dog with a face like mine. But you should come feel my fur, it feels like velvet. I know I am ugly but boy, am I enthusiastic and friendly. Actually my fur turned out this way cos I recovered from poisoning at some point in my life.

I have been in the Sanctuary nearly three years now. I was one of the dogs they rescued from the floods in Dec 2006. I remember I was this miserable looking dog, starving and I looked like I was near death. I was also afraid of these volunteers from Noah's Ark with cages and leashes so I tried to run from them. But they managed to catch me and brought me back to this animal haven.

I am happy and well-fed and loved these days and I have no regrets. This place is awesome but I am told it takes a lot to feed the animals and take care of their health and welfare. All the animals here have either been abandoned and abused so we need that extra care to ensure we do well. Will you help by sponsoring me? It would make a difference. Thank you :p

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