Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ashley (Grey tabby)

Hallo! My name is Ashley. You can see from my colour why I was given that name.
My story is shocking but not unusual. I came to the Sanctuary in a plastic bag, with my umbilical cord still intact! Yup. My mother, a stray cat, out of desperation for shelter when she had to give birth to me and my siblings, chose someone's shop. That person who walked in on us was disgusted. They chased my mother away and put the three of us into a plastic bag in the trash bin. Fortunately, someone rescued us and called Raymund. Raymund and the workers tried their best, but my sister did not make it.
My brother Oscar and I made it. When I was growing up, my health was weak, probably because of the state I was found in and I used to sneeze alot. But now, I am much better. I stay in the upper storey with Raymund and I love cuddling up. Do come visit me. I am looking for a sponsor :). I am one of the lucky ones who survived the horrors of strays on the streets. The Sanctuary needs monetary help to run sterilisation programmes and keep these sad things from happening. Will you help by sponsoring me?
Postscript: Ashley, sadly, has left us. Her entry has been left here as it still tells a story. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Please do look around as there are many other animals that will benefit from your sponsorship.

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