Thursday, July 22, 2010


Pirate (Mongrel)
Hi, I am Pirate. There is so much love in the story of how I came to the Sanctuary it simply has to be told. I was just another mongrel eking out a living by the streets when I got into a road accident. An old lady on the same street who collects cardboards and sells kueh kueh to survive saw what happened and came to pick me up. She brought me to the vet, but she could not afford the fees and the vet would not amputate without the money. So she brought me home. She tried her best. She went out and bought me chinese ointment, panadol and painkillers...but the wound was too big and the injury too serious.

Finally someone told Raymund about her and he went to see her, 10 days after my accident. By then, I was no longer in any pain, but I was still bleeding and my bones were jutting out of my wounds. A few more days and the maggots would have had a new feeding ground. Raymund helped me get my leg amputated and saved my life.

The old lady wanted to keep me but she stayed by the roadside where the traffic was heavy and it was obvious I am not a very traffic-smart dog. So I stay at The Sanctuary now. Raymund tells me every time he bumps into the old lady, she shoves what money she can afford into his pockets; and he will take the money and buy food back for her. It brings tears to my eyes. This is what The Sanctuary does, for animals, for humans. Help us. Sponsor one of us. Make a difference to one life today?

Hurray! I have been sponsored but you can still contribute. Please pick another one of my friends from the Sanctuary. They have been waiting for you. Thank you so much.

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